Thursday, September 5, 2013

Communication & Honesty

The Difference Between Me & You, 
Part 1 - My Thoughts on Communication & Honesty

One of the most distinct differences between me and you.  You are the most selfish person I have ever know.  All I hear is "You don't care about my happiness."  The fact is that I do care.  I hear "I hate you."  The fact is that I love you, though I may hate how you act out emotionally.  Yes, I admit that I may act out, but only when I am lied to.  I respect your space, and I respect the fact that "WE ARE NOT TOGETHER."  What I do not respect is after years of being together, of and on...  After years of love...  After years of being together... After years of putting up with your selfishness, I do not respect being lied to.  That is one of two thing needed for ANY relationship.  The other is communication.  Some would say that you need love, honor and respect... No you don't.  You need two key ingredients for ANY relationship to grow...lovers, friends, spouses, etc., is communication and honesty.  If we can be HONEST enough with each other to COMMUNICATE the TRUTH to ONE ANOTHER.  Then we have the start to a healthy relationship, because love, honor and respect with birth from the first two.  If we start off with LIES and ARGUMENTS, because we CAN'T COMMUNICATE the TRUTH, then we are doomed from the start.  

So the difference today, between me and you, is that I CAN COMMUNICATE the TRUTH to YOU, but YOU CAN'T COMMUNICATE the TRUTH to ME.  All I get from you is CONSISTENT lies.  That is because you are the most SELFISH PERSON I HAVE EVER KNOWN!!!!  You lie because you are too self absorbed by you own happenings to give a damn about giving a person the respect of telling them the truth.  LIES will spawn more LIES, and more LIES!!!!  If you could get out of your own way and realize that if the TRUTH was TOLD by YOU, then YOU WOULD SEE that "I DO CARE ABOUT YOUR HAPPINESS" and that whether we are friends, lovers, and spouses, that "YOU DO LOVE ME"  ... because what you deserve (whether it be TRUTH, HONEST or RESPECT) WOULD be recipricated!!!